ONLINE AUCTIONS- Updates and Changes for Buzzworthy

Online Auction Changes

Important updates
So sorry, this message is pretty wordy.
We’re making a few changes both in our store and in our online auctions.
This email lays out some of our biggest changes to our online auctions.  Basically the costs of doing the auctions is rising.  We’ve tried to structure our new premium fees to decrease the premium burden our bidders who follow our terms and conditions of our auctions.  The cost to carry the few bidders who don’t follow our terms and conditions is getting to be too great.  As our FIRST solution, we did not want to penalize EVERYONE for this issue.  So there are PERKS for all bidders who follow the terms and guidelines in the auctions and YOUR premiums aren’t changing too much.
1.  We’ve hired a new online auction manager for the store.  His name is Cody.  We are sure you have noticed the increase in picture quality, accuracy and speediness of delivery on pick up days.  He’s been working hard to make our store online auctions better.  Cody will be working with Teneisha to help fulfill your orders and deliver you a quality online auction.
2.  We will be adding more furniture to our online auctions.  You will start to see some of our store furniture getting added to the online auctions much more quickly than in the past.
3.  After much discussion, our store online auction buyers premium is increasing.
a.  We are no longer offering a discount in cash payments.  The reason is that all NEW bidders are going to need to register a credit card with us.  This doesn’t affect bidders who are already registered.  You will continue to be able to bid as before.  New sign ups are required to register with a valid card. Why does this matter?  We are having some issues with habitual no shows who continue to sign up using new accounts yet refusing to pay for items they won in auctions previously. Sometimes in the auction just one week before.  This creates additional work for the estate and us.  We would prefer to sell the item to the people who continually show up and pay for their items. Keeping a credit card on file for new bidders will allow us to recoup the losses.
b.  The new buyers premium for the store online auction is 25%.  HOWEVER, if you show up during our posted pick up times, with boxes/bags and help to move large items, you will receive an 8% buyers premium discount.
c.  The discount applies to people who wish to have their item shipped. You essentially just need to contact us and pay for your item before the end of the pick up time.  We will then calculate your shipping charge and collect that and get it sent out.
3.  Many of our previous store online auctions were of left overs and large lots of items that aren’t quite so desirable, with a mix of decent auction items.  Due to our buyers premium restructuring, we are also going to restructure our sellers fees to allure higher end merchandise into the auction.  While we still will have some leftovers in the auction, you can expect to see a steady increase in quality over time.
1.  For many auctions we are going to try to have two pick up days.  These days will likely be Tuesday and Wednesday.  One day will start with an earlier pick up time and the other will end with a later pick up time.  This will allow for more options for picking items up.  We can’t guarantee this option for all pickups, but we think it will eliminate some of the waiting and allow more people to bid.  However, keep in mind that days are getting shorter and if you arrive later in the day/early evening it is going to be really difficult to pick items up out of barns, sheds and yards as the light fades.
2.  Our buyers premium is increasing to 25%  However, you will receive a 10% discount if you bring your own bags, boxes and help to move large items as well as have all of your stuff out of the house and gathered by the end of the pick up time.  There will be no discount for cash payments.  You may wonder what you need to do exactly to receive the 10% buyers premium discount.
a.  Bring your own bags or boxes.  Why it matters…  We can remove your items faster if you have a box we can use to load it up.  Many of our online auctions are hoarder type situations or extremely small or packed houses.  We can’t have everything preboxed for you.  Having your own materials means we get you in an out faster.
b.  Bring help needed to move large lots and items.  If you bought all the furniture in the house, it is not acceptable to show up with one person to help load it.  We do not load cars and trailers.  We will assist with large bulky items by providing guidance, but will not be responsible for lifting heavy sofas, pianos, appliances, wood and other large bulky pieces.  You need to bring the appropriate people to move these items.  If you buy a dresser, you need to have two people to move it.  If you buy a sleeper sofa, make sure you have two to three people there to move it.  If you buy a piano, unless it is small you do need to bring professional piano movers.
c.  You need to arrive at a reasonable time to expect to have your items out of the house.  If the pick up ends at 7pm, arriving at 6:55pm with ten pages of items will not cut it.   Please allow appropriate time to get items out of the house.
d.  Wait time bonus.  For the time being we are offering a wait time bonus.  If you are waiting more than 60 minutes from the time you pay until the time someone starts your order, you will receive a $10 buzzworthy coupon which can be used in future auctions.  Times are written on the invoice starting from when you pay.  Please mention to the cashier if the time is over 60 minutes when your order is started.  We believe that having two pick up days and making sure people are prepared for their pick ups will make our lines run more smoothly.
e.  Buyers who opt for the return to store service or are shipping their item can also get the discounted buyer’s fee.  You just need to inform us BEFORE the first pick up begins and pay for it BEFORE the last pick up times end.
f.  Soon we will be implementing a schedule your pick up time program.  With this online program we will be able to see a schedule when each person is coming to get their items.  This will allow us to gather some items ahead of time, which means YOU will have less time to wait.  Stay tuned for more details.
So as you can see, the buyers premium is increasing for everyone.  But it is not increasing that much if you come to the pick up prepared.
Our online auction pick up staff will remain largely the same.  Marcia or Kathy will be there as the auction clerk (Marcia is just returning from some time away) and you’ll see Bob, Karl, Teneisha, Jeff and others.  Norm and Nancy, two of our new hires will be there to assist on some pick ups as well AND we still have some positions open!  You will see less of Jacob because he is our new STORE MANAGER.  Cassie has returned to school, if we’re lucky, you’ll see her next summer!
If you have any questions about the above changes, please feel free to contact Janel at or by phone at 920-213-0927.

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